2018-2019 Events Gallery

Saturday, May 11, 2019  Scholarship General Meeting at HCC

AAUW and HCC SouthShore Group Photo

Participants at the AAUW and HCC Partnership Meeting











The May general meeting was our Hillsborough County College South Shore partnership meeting, chaired by AAUW Treasurer Vicky Langston and HCC Executive Assistant Brenda Sanchez and held at HCC.  There were about equal numbers of AAUW and HCC staff and students in attendance.  We inducted new officers, with Susan Nasrani heading Membership and Vicky Langston extending her term as Treasurer.

HCC Student Presenter Ocean Levine with AAUW Treasurer Vicky Langston

HCC Graduating student and speaker Ocean Levine with AAUW Treasurer Vicky Langston

We heard a very stirring presentation by graduating student Ocean Levine, about determination and excelling despite the challenges you may face.





Picture of AAUW Membership recipient Charlmaine Lee with AAUW Member Margie Castligia and HCC Foundation Manger Ann Menchen

AAUW Membership recipient HCC graduate Charlmaine Lee with AAUW Member Margie Castligia and HCC Foundation Manger Ann Menchen

Also in attendance was graduating student Charlmaine Lee, who received our free AAUW national membership.

April 18 –  Bridge to Education Fundraiser

This game day event included a luncheon and ann individual player bridge game, which Alice Benson won.The winners of the bridge groups were also recognized for their winning performance during the 2018-2019 season.  The winner of  TLCB was Carolyn Wight.  Edith Rice was the winner of 8 No and to repeat her winning season Alice Benson was the winner of the Bridge Belles.

The bridge players of the three special interest bridge groups play monthly and contribute to the educational fund that supports the MOST IMPROVED GIRL in the 4th grade classes at Ruskin and Wimauma elementary schools.  The winners who are selected by their classroom teachers receive a Certificate of  Achievement and a year’s subscription to the magazine, AMERICAN GIRL.

April 13, 2019 General Meeting – Equal Rights Amendment

Barbara Scina photo

Barbara Scinta presenting the Equal Rights Amendment

Barbara Scinta gave us a fantastic presentation on the Equal Rights Amendment.  Although it has not yet been ratified by the required 38 states (we only need one more!), there has been progress made in the last few years.  In addition, there are legal challenges to the deadline that was placed on the ratification process.

Barbara had non-binding resolutions for our Florida representatives for our signatures.  She also gave us petitions to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Florida to get more signatures to remind our representatives that this is still important and still needed.

Certificate to Ginny Ewing

AAUW SCC/SouthShore President Diane Waronka presenting AAUW-FL Certificate of Appreciation to member Ginny Ewing

At the meeting, AAUW SCC-SouthShore President Diane Waronka presented an AAUW-FL state certificate of thanks to member Ginny Ewing for her generous contribution to AAUW-Florida.  This was announced at the AAUW Florida state convention.

April 5, 2019 Tech Trek Pizza Party for our Tech Trek Campers

2019 Campers with Beth Shields Staff

2019 Tech Trek Campers Madison, Jenedith and Alicia with Beth Shields Principal Colleen Carr, AAUW Tech Trek Assistant Director Kathy Vore, Beth Shields Tech Trek Liason Chloe Gerbec

2019 Tech Trek campers with supplies

2019 Tech Trek Campers with certificates and supplies donated by the branch

We had a pizza and cake party for our three 2019 Tech Trek Campers,  and two 2018 Tech Trek Campers.  At the party, we provided the 2019 campers with a certificate and the supplies they need to live on a college campus for a week.  We gave the 2018 campers a journal with a positive inspiring message on the cover.

Several family members and Beth Shields staff members joined the AAUW Tech Trek committee members  to support the girls.  Ally’s mother was a past recipient of an AAUW scholarship, so we are helping generations,  We all had a great time at the celebration.

March 9, 2019 General Meeting Honoring our 2019 Woman of Distinction, Liz Gutierrez

photo of Liz Gutierrez

2019 AAUW SCC/SouthShore Woman of Distinction, Liz Gutierrez of Enterprising Latinas

Liz Gutierrez, Founder & CEO of Enterprising Latinas, Wimauma

Liz has won the honor of Woman of Distinction for 2019 due to her commitment for helping the citizens of Wimauma in ways that match the goals of AAUW to empower women.

Liz is a first generation American whose parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic when she was six. She has a Masters of Science in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. Passionate about social justice, Liz has spent the whole of her professional life working for and with communities to address issues of economic, educational and health disparities. Her contributions as an advocate for disenfranchised communities and tenacity as a community organizer, have changed the character and conditions of communities in the Northeast and Southwest of Florida.

The award was presented at the March 9 brunch meeting where she gave a presentation of the success and goals of Enterprising Latinas. Enterprising Latinas staff members as well as students were also invited to attend. More information about Liz and Enterprising Latinas can be found at this website: http://www.enterprisinglatinas.org/

Ginny Ewing at Women's March

AAUW member Ginny Ewing at the Wimauma Women’s March

Liz encouraged us to attend the First Annual Wimauma Women’s March on March 23.  AAUW member Ginny Ewing was there, and provided an emotional and rousing perspective of the march.

The following is an excerpt from her report:  “We also chanted in Spanish and English Equal Pay,” Igual Paga,” When do we want it? NOW! Cuando la queremos? AHORA! What do farmworker women deserve? Health, Safety, and Prosperity now! Que merecen las trabajadores de campo? Salud, Seguridad, Prosperidad ahora! Loud speakers, maracas and tambourines kept us in unison. … A woman farmworker addressed us and spoke of her personal history.”

The full report is in our May newsletter.  Ginny also reminds us that Wimauma Opportunity Center is still looking for donations of hats, scarves, bandanas and long sleeve shirts for sun protection for the farm workers.  They can be dropped off at the Center, 5128 SR 674 (former location of Rachel’s restaurant).

Thursday, February 14, 2019 Tour of PACE Hillsborough County 

picture of PACE girls with heart pillows

SCC AAUW and Campaign Against Human Trafficking representatives Sally Dittman (left) and Diane Waronka (center) donating heart pillows made by the SCC Women’s Club

Diane Waronka, President and Sally Dittman, Member recently visited PACE to make a delivery of heart pillows made by the Sun City Center Women’s Club for Valentines Day. The girls loved them!

During the visit we were given a tour of the facilities and discussed several opportunities for AAUW to help with projects at the Center. PACE serves around 70 teenagers who are failing or at risk of failing in school. Besides working with Hillsborough County Schools to get the girls up to grade level and back on track, PACE provides many “life opportunities” for these teenagers. Many go on to complete 2 or 4 year degrees in college! We do an annual contribution to PACE through donations at our December meeting.  We donated $200 of books to the PACE girl’s library using  funds generated through the FunFest book sale.


February 9, 2019 –LETHAL LUAU FUNDRAISER LUNCHEON was a huge success with the Pelican Players keeping us intrigued.

Who knew a murder could be such fun?  Thank you Banquet  Masters for the elegant meals! Thank you to all members. guests and the entire Pelican Players Staff!

Raffle ticket table

Raffle ticket table

Raffle Winner

And the winner of one of the raffles!


January 30, 2019 Hillsborough County College SouthShore: “Come to the Shore” 10th Anniversary Event


Vicky Langston at AAUW table

Vicky Langston at the AAUW table at HCC 10th Anniversary

AAUW Members braved the cold weather to have an outdoor information table at the Hillsborough County College – SouthShore Campus 10th Anniversary Event.  The table generated a lot of interest by faculty and students – we ran out of materials to distribute!

The event celebrated 10 years of this campus, with food, awards and music.  Our branch has partnered with HCC for several years by providing scholarships to mature students.

All HCC-SouthShore students are eligible to have a free national AAUW membership.


January 12, 2019 9:30 AM AAUW-SCC/South Shore General Meeting

Tamyra Walker Picture

2018 Tech Trek Camper Tamyra Walker discussing growing crystals.

The first speaker was Tamyra, one of our Tech Trek 2018 student campers and a student at Beth Shields Middle School.  Tamyra opened up her presentation with a little of her background with interests in music and math.  She discussed her Tech Trek activities, including rockets, crystal growing and app programming.

Her message of empowerment and believing in your self resonated with the AAUW members.  We thank her for that great presentation!


Our next speakers were Bevan Gray-Rogel, President and founder of Encore Tampa Bay and Marilyn Cote-Miller, Director of the Sun City Center Community Association.  Bevan and Marilyn discussed the increased need for volunteerism in Sun City Center (see article in Tampa Bay Times, “Volunteer Need Continues to Grow in Sun City Center, SouthShore Area“, and how to encourage more people to participate as team members in supporting our community to meet more people and get a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  There is a variety of opportunities to help, using the skills that people have developed in their work careers and hobbies, from advocating for senior victims of fraud to cooking for the emergency squad.  Examples of  some of the current opportunities can be found at Sun City Connects website.   Anyone interested in finding out more about the full range of activities can call Marilyn Cote-Miller at 813-633-3500 to discuss interests or fill out this Sun City Center Connects interest form.

Picture of Encore speakers

Sandy Dillmuth, Marilyn Cote-Miller and Bevan Gray-Rogel

December 8, 2018, 9:30 AM AAUW- SCC/South Shore General Meeting

Darla Otey of PACE Center for Girls Hillsborough  spoke about PACE programs and the impact PACE has on the lives of at-risk girls. Additional PACE staff, volunteers and a participant in the PACE program also attended.

PACE Center for Girls has have developed a nationally recognized, research-based non-residential program model that features a balanced emphasis on academics and social services, with a focus on the future for middle and high-school aged girls and young women. It has garnered recognition nationally as one of the most effective programs in the country for keeping girls from entering the juvenile justice system.

A record $780 was donated by members at our December meeting for Holiday gifts for PACE Hillsborough girls.

Paula Otey photo

Darla Otey of PACE speaking at December meeting. Photo by Nancy Ducharme

PACE Attendees

AAUW SCC/SouthShore Members Sandy Dillmuth and Diane Waronka with attendees affiliated with PACE. Photo by Nancy Ducharme

November 10, 2018 Fashions Lunch and Trunk Show Presented by Accessories & More

The fundraiser was a great success! Over 100 people attended this event, viewing and buying stylish clothing, purses and jewelry.


fashion show models

AAUW members on stage modeling the great fashions for sale – Photo by Nancy Ducharme

Sandy Zeligman

Event organizer Sandy Zeligman with Angela from Accessories and More and Bev Fletchall – Photo by Nancy Ducharme

Sally Dittman looking at clothing

Sally Dittman trying to decide what to buy – Photo by Rosie Clifton

October 13, 2018, 9:30 AM AAUW- SCC/South Shore General Meeting

Presenters at Oct 2018 SCC Meeting

Guests at October 2018 Meeting: Kaylee Peavler, one of our Tech Trek campers; Tia Brown, Principal of Beth Shields Middle School; Pat Ross, AAWU Florida State President; and Rina LaRosa, Beth Shields teacher.

One of our 2018 Tech Trek campers, Kaylee, gave us a debriefing about the camp.  We were all impressed with her poise under pressure.  The other camper, Tamara, who possessed the presentation materials was unable to attend due to a family emergency.  So Kaylee gave an off-the-cuff presentation with no materials.

Florida AAUW President Pat Ross was present and gave us insight into the Florida goals for the year and various ways to contribute to the organization.